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Go on then, tell us your stories...
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Haven't posted for a while, but always lurking.
Needed to tell this story tho.
A few weekends ago had a break in the weather and a mate and I went out to Opape for a mission.
Turned out to be one of the best days fishing in a very long time.
The water was glassy the frost on the sand sparkling.
Shortly after launch we were both into a nice snapper and just knew it was going to be a good day.
Fast forward an hour later almost limited out and being very picky with our fish the KY came strolling in, followed closely by some kings, one of which busted me off in a matter of seconds, now not surprising as I use ultra light gear, I'm 2500 reels, 8lb braid. All in about 4m of water
Needless to say we were having a blast.
As I was unhooking and releasing get another mid 40cm snapper by trusty veritas (which I foolishly tried to sell once) went of screaming, thinking I had hooked another king set off on a merry tow, my mate following closely. Within a minute it had me in the weed, I pulled the yak above the fish and in the clear shallow water I saw the tail of a snapper slowly thumping in the weed, I still don't know just how I managed to get him out of there, but he came out and with my line still intact managed to bring the fish to the surface, on the other side of my mates yak, he let out a whopping cry of "that's one big fish" and as I saw it myself lit up in her beautiful red and blue knew this was by far the biggest snapper of my life.
A joint effort to get it securely onto the kayak we called it a day.
It will be the only fish of that size I take but as my first 20lber it came home to feed the wife and kids with much rejoicing!
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PB Snapper-82cm(20.5lbs) Opape 14/05/22
PB Kingfish -113cm(26.5lbs) Port Charles 27/2/20
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Nice one mate! One of those unforgettable days when it all works out perfectly
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Well done mate! That'll be a trip you remember for life 👍🏽
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What a fantastic trip! and Fish!
Yu Co
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Well done! :clap: A nice little read.
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