One of those rare mornings

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Shot out early to a local spot early on Fri with the intention of being back on the beach by 8.30am and at my desk by 9.30am but that plan went straight out of the window when the bigger snapper rocked up.

After getting a dozen XXXL sized livies I put one on the circle hook tossed it out behind me and headed to my spot that tends to deliver the kingfish goods over summer. No hook ups after a 5km trawel so stopped paddling and just dropped it to the bottom resulting in a largish Bronzie hook up and subsequent cut off as close to its gnashers as possible.

Moved 500m away in the hope that the sharks were not around. By now, for some unknown reason 6 of my livies had karked and were sloshing around under my leg in the foot well. Thought there was no harm just dropping down a dead one with a big hook through it. It had barely got to the bottom when it was smashed by a big red pushing 15lb ....super stoked. Dropped another one down immediately as the fish finder screen was showing masses of fish on the bottom and almost immediately I got hit by a bigger model of well over 15lb. And then I quickly dropped for a third time lucky which was resulted in a 17lb/18lb donkey. By now i was way past my self imposed 'back at the beach time' so started the long paddle back to the launch spot. On the way I stopped for a quick couple of softbait casts with a large Gulp with a huge curly tail - Two back to back casts resulted in two more nice sized reds both pushing 10lb.

Somewhat greedy i guess but its not often you have a morning like that and all the fish were well looked after and what we did not need was given to friends and family including a feast on Sat night
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Wow! THat's one hell of a session mate! You might as well just hang up your rods right now :D

In my opinion, that's got to be one of the most valid excuses for getting late to work!

You needed a 32cm pannie to make it clear how massive the other fish are. What were you using for live bait?

The bigger the mission, the better the fishin'
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Yeh a truly exceptional morning. Luckily i was not missed at work until I eventually got to my desk at 10.30.

The picture below shows a 7th snapper I got on a regular soft bait just before things went 'off' - It was well legal and over 35cm - looks like a tiny undersized baby next to the two bigger ones
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Nice one Rob
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