Knots damaging guides?

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Hey team, back with yet another question. I have been getting into my soft baiting over the past few weeks (bit more successful than my spearfishing of late...). Yesterday I noticed that the last guide on my rod was damaged which ended up cutting the braid which was a pain in the backside...

Anyway, my question is, would you expect reeling the braid to leader knot into the guides to damage them? I understand this is the case with clips and swivels but I wouldn't have thought a knot would. I'm currently just using a double uni knot as I know I can tie it well, but possibly it's not low profile enough? Or is my cheapo shimano softbaiting rod (couple of years old found in my old man's garage) just not up to task? Hope that makes sense, and would appreciate any input!
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Never seen it happen, but it is possible I suppose. Cheap rod/rings won't help. Have a look at the crazy Alberto knot. It is easy to tie and slim. Not as strong as the FG knot, but strong enough!
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Sweet, I will have a look at that thanks!
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I changed to the FG knot because I was sick of my back to back uni knots catching on the guides. Some guides are easily damaged by getting knocked around, I think that's more likely than the knot damaging them.
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I try and set up FG knots on all my rods before I go... A nice luxury of time and space... Quite hard to tie on the yak, so use modified Albright which is pretty fast and lower profile than double uni. To be honest, the only knots that have damaged guides for me is the double uni.
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Interesting, I think I will be moving away from the double uni then! Might have a crack at tying the FG and then if I do something silly out there can always retie with the albright. Cheers for the advice, always appreciated.
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I use a Yucatan knot. I usually get set up at home but have tied it a few times on the boat with no problems. I have 2 cheapo soft bait rods and no signs of wear after several years use.
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Do you do a bimini twist to create the loop in the braid before the yucatan knot?
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I use an FG on all my sets (other than deep water electric where I have no leader).
IMO, the B2B Uni is one of the easier knots, but also the worst. There are plenty of knots I would use instead.
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I've never had my rod eyes damaged by the braid to leader knot.

I use the 5 turn surgeons knot which is ;
- Slim and doesn't affect casting distance
- Super strong rating and the knot itself has never ever failed me over the 8 years or so i've used it
- Can be quickly and easily retied on the yak after a bust off/getting snagged - This is really important for me as I do the majority of my fishing in skinny water (<10m) and over foul, especially in winter, so I could be retying the leader a number of times on a mission (when casting 20m+ in front of you in skinny water, unless you know the terrain really well you don't really know how deep the water is so an element of getting snagged is almost impossible to avoid)
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FG tied at home , 5 turn surgeons on yak , like Rabbit said super strong and a no damage to guide knot.
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Thanks, I really appreciate the input. This is an awesome resource and it's super helpful to learn from each of your experiences. Hang tight for further questions in future!
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Many years ago, I found back to back uni knots too bulky for my softbait rods. Improved Allbright is fine, quick to tie on the kayak as noted above.

BTW old Shimano softbaiting rods work well still - one of the rods I used in the 3-species kayak SB comp yesterday is a purple Catana 732 that i bought some 13 years ago, and it has been hammered in kayak fishing all its life.
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