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Fri Mar 29, 2019 6:27 pm

What at the boundaries you are settings in regards to weather? I have only used the kayak this summer so have little experience of more challenging conditions.
Max wind speed?
Max wind gust speed?
Wave height?

I need to be able to assess a weather chart properly, and to be able to spot difference visually from the beach in case it is different.
I am looking at for Sunday. I suspect it is not good enough.




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Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:50 pm

It’s a whole lot of things... most important is stay within your skill set and know your limits, err on the side of caution.. bravado won’t help when your in the shit

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Mon Apr 01, 2019 7:30 pm

As, AW has said. But there are things to consider Even experienced can get caught out. That is regardless of thinking ahead. Wind can always be the problem is . Strangely it starts from a puff, lol. The sky can be clear as but if the temps are up and land is hot then the evening wind can come up bad and hard .Now if wind is apposing the tide you can get caught. Happened recently, within minutes. Trying to fish twilight ,Yep I gave in, paddled inshore and walked over hills back to base this was just on dark it was rough , the sea.. A lot of persons were concerned at camp as I had not come home. Just on dark was not a time to show bravado as AW puts it because I was in the shit . So paddled into shore no where near home.
Another very 'experienced kayaker' that night no where near myself did the same. Yes I had radio PLB Cell phone but alas radio / cell was limited, PLB not an option as I was not in distress. Now in 9 years of kayak fishing I never though I would get caught out in a situation I could not handle. Wrong. The time of day was against me. Had I tried to come home an flipped out I may well of been in real trouble at that time of day. So yes stay as they say within your skill set, but really what is that ? Need to figure that out myself.
Now before I close , enjoy your fishing think ahead and be safe. Watch the wind. Now before the tough supposed ones, Kayakers condemned myself before they think it out, shit can happen to us all very quickly. Be safe. Enjoy your fishing using a kayak I love mine.. Cheers .

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Tue Apr 02, 2019 2:40 pm

As a point of reference, i will fish in 2' chop and 20kt wind. Though I'd prefer that wind to be onshore at that level, so the ride home is easier when your're tired.
10-15kt offshore generally makes for a nice day out - smooth water, not hard to paddle against.
Don't underestimate cold or wind chill either, with winter coming on. They will sap your strength.

Worst experiences: (1) 25+ knot offshore - made for a very long and tiring paddle home, I'm glad I turned around when I did otherwise I could have been in trouble
(2) staying anchored in a channel too long - the current was running pretty quick when I chose to go, and I almost flipped trying to free the anchor. This was Manukau heads, where the current really gets going.

If you can, fish with a friend until you are comfortable with your limits. And always take a VHF.
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Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:21 pm

For me I find that if it's blowing much over 20kph the act of kayak fishing just isn't much fun.

You end up drifting way too fast , and spending more time paddling back to your mark than actually fishing.

I also don't do as well as a nice 10-15kph breeze.

I could fish up to 30kph but I have the luxury of being able to fish any day of the week so I can be choosy 8)

I use this:

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Tue Apr 02, 2019 9:04 pm

For me, 10kt off shore wind is good for paddling around for a fish in water up to 15m

You can get away with higher winds of almost any wind direction in the shallows of a tidal estuary. In deeper water with a running tide, this would be asking for trouble

Learn & understand your regular fishing location, then you will know what the limits are that matches your experience

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Wed Apr 03, 2019 4:24 pm

What everybody else said and:

Be careful of wind against tide - 10knts with tide can be a very different beast to 10knts against, particularly if there's current. I fish narrowneck here in Auckland and much over 10knts N or NE against an incoming tide can get a bit hairy.

Dress for it - a cold rain shower in spring or autumn can be very unpleasant. You'll be paddling to warm up.

Get a VHF and a call sign and go on the course.

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Tue Apr 09, 2019 4:36 pm

WindGuru is my favourite, but it's a good idea to check a few sites as they use different models.

For me, when I was on a yak, if WindGuru showed anything over 15 knots wind speed or 20 knots gusts, then I'd choose my location accordingly. As SitDown says, bad weather is much more manageable in shallow water than in the deep. And in NZ there are so many sheltered places, you should be able to find a spot with an island or two between you and the open ocean.
For me the choice was always between Kawakawa bay and Orere Point. In Kawakawa Bay I'm always surrounded by land, so always felt fairly safe. but then... my own stupidity was always a bigger risk than the weather in my case.

I see you're around Coromandel, so you're in deep water most probably. The advantage there is that you can stay very close to land and catch good fish. But yeah, conditions can change out there pretty quickly.
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