Are we loosing the "brotherhood "??

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Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:42 pm

I've dabbled in land based sea fishing since my late teens, snorkelled, spearfished, gathered paua etc. I'm not particularly good at it but for me it is entertainment not necessity.
Put me on a river bed and I can catch trout... on the sea? The fish don't like me.

Why did you get into the hobby?

My 'in laws moved down to Timaru about 14 years ago, it became an annual event over the Christmas/New year break to go down there for 3 weeks or so.
I tried surfcasting but the results (probably my fault) were truly pathetic.
My wife and I had bought the 2 person kayak (An Aqua 2) about 20 years ago, (I had never thought to fish off it)... in the hope that I might catch something worthwhile I started taking it down to fish off.
The results?... truly pathetic!

What was your first kayak? Did you buy the best one you could afford?

Kayak Direct Aqua 2 (Viking carried the design for a while too) We saw it being displayed at a mall and bought on an impulse.
I spent several years fishing off it but trying to make it work as a fishing kayak decked out with a fish finder/battery, multiple rod holders etc etc etc where every thing had to be removed before transporting was time consuming and a disappointment to me.. I could paddle it along at 5kph, coupled with that was the fact that the hatches were not designed to seal effectively. That severely limited the distance/sea conditions that I was prepared to go out on.

Ultimately I decided that I needed something more suitable and got a Reload... mainly because the "load and go" tackle pod seemed so much better that the old Aqua 2.

Do you think the new guys are doing the same thing?
I think most of the new guy's are looking more at the budget... if I hadn't of had the old Aqua 2, I'm not sure that I would have bothered... even the entry level/second hand market is $100's of dollars, for what might have been a passing phase? I'm not sure that I would have spent the coin.

What matters most when buying a kayak? The brand or the person’s body type and fishing style?
All of the above.
Quality of build/safety.
Fit for purpose.
Body fit.

In saying that, as long as it doesn't leak, any old tub will do the job if you are desperate... and don't skimp on the PFD/safety gear.

If kayak companies had a rule that said “You can’t tell anyone you’re on our pro-staff” would you sign up for it?

Not that that would ever happen to me, that seems kind of pointless to have promotional staff that talk up the companies products but cannot put a name to themselves and indicate how proficient they are with those products.

If you’re on YouTube, what is your goal.

Fishing vids?
I'll have to start catching things first. (Not quite as bad as I paint it... but nothing to talk up either :) )
I'm to busy spending money on kayaks for my children... the Go Pro is a long way down the list.

I've made a few vid's, they tend to be me dabbling with things I have made for the kayak... I probably spend more time on that than on fishing.

As to the Brotherhood...
The people that I have met have been helpful, free with advice and pleasant in demeanour... when approached, I try to be the same.
As in all things, there are probably some posers out there, but I imagine that they wouldn't condescend to speak to the likes of me anyway, so I am blissful in my ignorance.
Long may that continue.


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Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:44 am

Are we losing the brotherhood? No. Im kinda new at yak fishing but have put in the hours. I go out most weekends and atleast twice a week through the warmer months. I see a few guys in yaks through summer but nearly none through winter. I think it a seasonal occupation for alot of people.
why yak? Forty odd years of catching plenty of fish, in and around wellington, off the wharfs and beaches. I expected similar in the nelson bays but it wasnt as easy. An unexpected health change forced me from my love of climbing and the otha fulla suggested yaks to improve our catch rates.
First yak? ScramblerII. Just a 3rd hand yak, but quickly modified to catch fish. Awesome n stable, but a side wind really got under it, and it felt like paddling a bath tub into the wind.
Do you think new guys do the same? Yes/no locals seem to buy what they can afford and make do. Over xmas theres some blinged up yaks with all the toys (Christchurch peoples?)
What matters most when buying a yak? Safety! ive seen some shockers. 100kg guys in kids play boats getting upended in the shore break.
Weight. If its unmanageable solo are you really going to get out that often.
Prostaff? Yeah keen as if someone wants to pay to put ads on my yak!
you tube? Not really my thing, but I do run a gopro. I enjoy watching fishing vids but only post the odd one on fb for friends to see what we are upto.

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Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:26 am

A bit sideways a little here but regarding brotherhood, yesterday morning at Mangawhai estuary there were far too many people shaking their heads as they drove by towing their boats with their tractors and 4WDs on the way to the boat ramp while me and the three unfortunate blokes tried to get their buried-to-the-chassis van out of the sand after a failed beach launch.

A good local with a tractor came to our rescue after my ute wasn't enough to get them out. It just pisses me off there were countless others more concerned with getting on the water than spending 15 minutes of their time to give us a hand.

If that's a general sign of the class of the Mangawhai (or should that be little-auckland) boating community, they can kiss my lilly white arse. I hope they caught nothing but sunstroke.

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Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:30 am

Why do I kayak fish:
After selling boat that I had owned for 12 months due to relocation to Brisbane and losing 15K wife said no more boats. Added bonus we don't have to pay for fuel, rego, serving.

My first and only kayak to date:
Viking Espri angler bought in Brisbane as a way of getting my gills wet/ exercise and to try a thing called soft baiting.
Why an Espri, light weight, easy to get on the roof rack and sits well on the water.


Since returning to Auckland and talking to people at work who are into yak fishing, I think the brotherhood is strong.
The past 2 months we have had 4 new starts join us yak fishing, we assist them with fishing methods, safety
gear requirements and knowledge on the water. ( 8 of us now)
When at the beach or ramp we talk to other yakkers on catches, yaks and next trip.
Also going to events like Rob Forts is proof of the brotherhood.

Do I still yak fish?

Every chance I get which is most weekends, looking at doing more weekend trips away from Auckland once leave passes have been approved from the wife. The joys of having older kids.
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Fri Dec 01, 2017 9:48 pm

Greetings all, although signing up to here a year ago I've only just started logging in regular. This will be my third season fishing from the yak since arriving in 2014 to AKL.
I usually bump into guys from here on NN beach to discuss tips and catches. On Mondays at work I'm now asked how I got on at the weekend and more and more are asking on what yak I have and the gear I use looking to get into it themselves

I reckon the brotherhood is increasing and long may it continue.

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