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Looking to head up to Fantail Bay in the Coromandel this weekend and wondering if anyone has any pointers. Is it worth going straight off the beach and going deep? (seems to drop off really quick) worth drifting the coast? or is it better to swing over the eastern sides? Weather seems to be going south east at the moment... so baring that in mind.

Also starting to get into jigging, got a few options (sliders, jitterbugs, bottomships)... this a good place to use them?

As I am not from around there I thought it might be good to check if anyone has suggestions before venturing out there.

Happy fishing!
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on the basis of my one trip (which was a week long), just off the beach will get you on to some good fish :)
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Agree with Andrew.

The tide can push you along pretty quick.

Goat Bay, (next Bay north) would be worth exploring and there's a few spots the rock fisho's fish within 1km of Fantail that produce well too.

Last time I was there fishing was a bit tough, I paddles back to the bay to have a shoal of 20 or so BIG Kingfish circle me for half an hour while I tried throwing every different lure and bait a team them but to no avail.
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