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Fri Feb 14, 2020 6:30 pm

Hi there,
I'm new to the forum, so first of all hello everyone.
I have a old town predator 13, as you can see for the profile. The beast is 4 meter long, 85 cm wide and carry 192 kg.
I was looking into getting a propulsion system other then my shoulders to extend the range of the fishing trips. I've looked into electric outboard, petrol outboard(talking about 2hp) and sails. The result of my research is this

Electric outboard: provides fair amount of power for a reasonable amount of time at the price of an extremely heavy battery. 100Ah batteries go up to 20 kg and over.

Petrol outboard: a 2.5 hp, 2 strokes provides a better thrust than any electric outboard with 17kg of additional weight. Only down is that they're more expensive and the weight is placed on the side of the kayak, while the battery of the trolling motor would be positioned in the center, and the trolling motor itself is not too heavy.

Sails: less thrust (I think) and(as average) you'll be able to use them only one way. Still jot sure about the speed you can reach. I was reading in the forum someone was saying he was reaching 12 knots: that's a f***** lot! It would be amazing but I'm not sure if possibile.

So I was just wandering if someone has any suggestions or solutions, considering there is no way I'm buying a bixpy for 2 grand.

Cheers and thanks everyone in advance

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