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Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:28 am

To follow up on this, I emailed the Northern Regional Council who got back to me and suggested a follow up discussion which I'll try for next week sometime.

Apart from "reasonable excuse" (as stated in the bylaw), such as the actual bar crossing where higher speeds could reasonably be considered safer, there's next to no excuse for the law breaking. Unless perhaps every single skipper had a sick person on board in desperate need of life saving medial care?

I wasn't alone in contacting them about this problem, apparently.

They are also actually doing their jobs but can't be everywhere all the time. He had something like a dozen or more enforcement notices to process for this problem. So it's simply brain-dead idjits in plague proportions and they can't spend enough time on this stretch of water to get them all or inflict a fatal blow to the numbers.

What would be interesting to know is if they are seeing repeat offenders and if they have the power to confiscate vessels or at least up the fines. Also would be great to know how many challenge it and if the costs of creating and enforcing the fines far outweigh the proceeds. Just the cost of the mechanism that creates and processes these fines will probably exceed the fine values, I would suspect. Thus the shortfalls would be on ratepayers rather than it being a self-funding thing.

For some balance and because it was quite remarkable, I skived off work for a morning this week and every skipper I encountered was courteous and obeyed the law as it relates to speed restrictions around the shoreline and other water users. It might have been a freak coincidence, or possibly the mid-week skippers having more respect for the law/others than weekenders?

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Wed Mar 28, 2018 1:12 pm

hi, just a few words on this subject.
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Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:14 pm

I agree with all of the above, and the ignorance and poor behaviour of many skippers on the water.
I, for my sins, do get to skipper a boat a fair bit, and have had my fair share of incidents with other idiot skippers, so it's cold comfort that it's not just kayakers at risk on the water.
I'd wager that most are simply ignorant of the rules of operating a vessel, as well as aspects of general courtesy on the water.
Also, it's really important, that if you do make the transition from kayak to jetski or boat that you are familiar with the rules and regulations, as I had a couple of incidents recently out in the boat with kayakers turned boaties that could have been reasonably serious if I hadn't taken evasive action. Spoke to the other parties involved later, and cleared things up, they were simply unaware of the rules and hadn't intended to be dangerous.

As a boatie, in a 7.5 vessel that stands out like dog's nuts here's some of the incidents from the last two outings
- At anchor (having a coffee, pleasure boating with wife, don't ask...) in close to Moturekereke, yacht under power (low speed) on a collision course, when he was at very close quarters, while I was hunting for the horn, wife yelled and a head pooped up and he bore aware to starboard and passed about 10 metres away looking the other way.
- Jigging on the drift, jetski with passenger, came through at estimated 25 knots within 10 metres
- Coming out of Bon Accord Harbour, est 40' launch decided that passing port to port didn't suit, so evasive action required
- Fishing at first light at Challenger, could hear an engine and eventually made out, as they passed quite close a small (est 12') grey RIB with 2 POB with no lights, not sure where they came from, but they would be unlikely to be picked up on radar, so a definite speed hump
- Under way, speed 20 knots, have a boat coming in on port on a direct collision course, have an anxious crew with me waiting for other boat to slow, bear away, or take evasive action, when no sign of action, I was forced to take evasive action, accelerated and had to bear away to avoid potential collision. Other vessel continued without altering course.
- Two boats towing waterskiers in a harbour, well inside the 5 knot zone, skiing in the channel, skier fell off and boat circled, myself and one other boat had to stop to avoid running over the person in the water or colliding with the circling boat.
- At anchor straylining, had a boat motor up slowly, when asked sarcastically if they would like to tie off, they responded that they would drift away pretty quickly, so it wasn't something I should worry about.
- Softbaiting, yacht under sail passed within 10 metres
-Slow trolling livebaits in close to shore, boat motors in at speed and stops immediately ahead, evasive action required.

As I say, it's cold comfort, but most boaties and jetskiers aren't trying to kill us kayakers, they are just plain ignorant, and it's well worth reporting to their actions if they are dangerous.
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Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:53 am

Great comments, and yes I agree with you, most of them aren't malicious, they're just very inexperienced and or stupid.

I've been in boats for 55 years or more, Kauri Clinkers, Sabot, trailer sailers, 20ft Marlin Clipper, Laser, A Class Cat, 30ft Kauri Launch, Tinnies, 50ft Keeler, Sunburst, C Class Cat, 50ft displacement Cat with diesels and later twin Mercurys - and now the greatest - a Kayak :D

If I could tell all the stories of idiots I've encountered, we'd be here for months.

I would suggest that the most dangerous of the dangerous, are the extremely wealthy, who've just bought themselves, a million dollar Gin Palace, opened the throttles and gone below, to pour another G&T.

All right, one story then, a benign one - At the TeAtatu boat club ramp, a brand new BMW SUV, and new 25ft fizz boat on trailer, backs down to the water to launch, the driver gets out to attend to the boat and, hand brake, what's a hand brake? The whole set up, gracefully slides into the water. They had to get a tractor to haul the expensive mess out...

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