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Hello all, your experience and knowledge for our local waters please..

I am based in Gore and currently researching for the purchase of my first kayak.
I used to race mountain bikes competitively so at 50 I am not unfit , I just have the upper body strength of a 12 year old girl.
Dropping $8500 on a new mountain bike so I can stay on the podium to win a pair of gloves is nuts so I am now investing in fishing.

Primarily , I want a lightweight kayak to help access spots on the Mataura river fly fishing. One that will be stable in mild rapids and sleek enough to paddle back upstream.
Sometimes the kayak will have to be carried on land if its too shallow or if some of the rapids are to knarly to paddle up or down .

Also, It would be great to get out and use it for what its really meant for like you guys do as there are lots of options here in Southland.
My Mate has a crib at Kaka Point and I also like to go white baiting at Fortrose or fishing with my Alvey surfcaster.

OK, so really keen on the Viking Brand and the Profish GT with the reload tackle pod system.
I could strip it right back for the river , plus at 3.6 M it will fit in my van if I'm alone.
BUT - will it be too short for out behind the breakers in our southern waters speed wise ?

Would the Pro fish 400 be a better all-rounder ? Rudder?
Or would it be best to get a cheap import off trade me for the river because of the rocks and splurge on a Profish Reload ?

I like to fly fish at least twice a week and out of season would probably get out in a kayak once a week

Thanks for your input in advance.
snap fisha
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Hi mate I am based in Invercargill and we have a profish 400 and a espri here if you want to come and have look and a test paddle when we get a nice day but my the sounds of what you are wanting to do gt would be fine in the rivers but the extra length of a 400 would be better at sea I would also consider the reload but I don't know how it would go in the river. You would be best to ring Viking and talk to mr Tapp on that. I hope this helps
snap fish 101 paddles a viking 400
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Cheers Snap ,I would love to take you up on that offer or at least come and check yours out some time.
The 400 is a nice looking Kayak but I have only seen them in pictures .
This really is a first world problem.

Did you buy your kayaks locally through a dealer?
I would really like to be able to walk into a showroom and be able to compare the kayaks up close to help my pro's and con's list. The local Hunting and Fishing shop sells them but as far as I'm aware they have nothing on the floor.

A couple of concerns that will help my decision.
Radio contact - From Bluff , how far up the coast towards Kaka Point or towards Tuatapere can you go before you are out of coastguard range with a 5wt radio ? Step up to a 25w radio ?

Shallow river damage- repetitive rubbing & dragging on rocks (if I got a GT or 400) could pose a risk of unnoticed damage over time that could increase risk at sea.

Maybe It would be better to buy 2 . One would be a cheaper sacrificial kayak for river only. If I eventually sink it in the river the water's only waist deep anyway....
The unknown question for me is how much wear on the hull can they take ? What hull thickness wear would deem a kayak inshore only ? ( I have access to a sonic thickness tester at work)

I have seen a clip of a 400 being put through a white water course and it was an impressive display

I will keep researching.....
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Check out nzkayakers write up on extreme testing of the profish reload on the kaituna river, :y:
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