what safety gear will i need?

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Wed Jun 08, 2016 5:30 pm

As a newbie i need some info & i believe help to purchase the right gear that i "think" i need. So a UHF radio? I know there are 100s of them but what would suit my interests with the shoreline in sight! do i need flares etc. These are safety items but if ive missed one or two let me know, getting ready for summer!!

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Wed Jun 08, 2016 5:39 pm

First in line is a good buoyancy aid, work from that point. then a very good contact device.

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Wed Jun 08, 2016 7:12 pm

from a comms point of view a good IP rated VHF is a must. need to consider that when you are really in the s**t you are not likely to be comfortably sitting on your upright yak on a calm sea with all the time in the world! having been in a few curly situations I discount a cellphone (even in a waterproof case) as a suitable comms backup in these cases, but better than nothing. as soon as you can afford it, look at a PLB. every yakker should be striving for this option, imo. flares are much cheaper alternative in the interim with inherent limitations and deployment issues if in the water!
when I first started out yakking, having had a marine background and deep respect for the ocean, I focussed a great deal on safety comms. i kitted up with flares (parachute, hand and smoke), sea dye, helix mirror, wolf whistle, a drogue, very good vhf and i had my cellphone in a waterproof case. a bit OTT i guess, but a little respect doesn't hurt. I have now ditched most of these in favour of a PLB and VHF unless i'm going a long way off shore. PM me if you want more info on this important topic.
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Thu Jun 09, 2016 12:18 pm

- A good PFD.
- A sharp knife
- A flag for your kayak.
- A good 5W+ VHF
- PLB with integrated GPS
- Strobe light
- A small powerful dive torch.
- A cell phone in a waterproof bag.

I have all of the above (except the flag) attached to my PFD. The PLB, VHF and Strobe all float so they add to my bouyancy.

The knife is to be used solely for the purpose of cutting yourself free of ropes lines etc if you capsize. It should be kept scary sharp and attached to you person and easily reachable.

The flag will increase your visibility to boats etc. If you have to leave the kayak you may be able to take the flag with you e.g. stuff down back of PFD.

A cell phone is mainly a convenience: It's handy for reaching people onshore - e.g. change in plans, delays, fish count. May also help in an emergency.

I don't carry thermal flares and don't plan to. One day I will buy a laser flare, which is safer and has a much longer burn time.
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