Level 3 Lockdown close to shore yak fishing

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Since kayak fishing is allowed in level 3 : as long as you stay close to shore , go out in safe weather and are within your limits (Directly quoting the govt site here) I have been out twice in the last few weeks. Even though i haven't been able to fish my usual spots, Just a short paddle out from napier has been very successful for me. I have been trying out lures to some success on the local Gurnard and Snapper. As long as the Southerlies don't blow for an extended time we should keep the good species around while the water temp stays above 15.5. That being said i had a few friendly :devil: barracouta circling just below the kayak for the majority of the day. No spinies to report out this side as of yet but i did see a few come from te awanga the other day. Hopefully we will soon be into level 2 and we can get out into the deeper stuff again ! Loving the amount of gurnard around at the moment. Their numbers have bounced back over recent years. either that or i'm getting better :rofl:
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Nice catch Blair, I have been working through level 4 to level 3 so hopefully once it goes to level 2 I can slip out the back door and try an salvage a bit of this season. I'm pretty sure I saw your dad out there working?
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most of my kayak gear has been stolen, but I got a gurnard off the beach at Bay View last week, so they are around !
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