Is anyone alive in Hawkes Bay?

Hawkes Baydiscussions, for local trips, meetings etc.
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This post is in part an inquiry, in part a trip report, and in part a scalding !
Lets deal with the inquiry side of things first. Who is still kayak fishing in the Bay ? Are you catching anything ,and if so ,what? Do you follow this site?
Are you simply bored with the same 3 people posting articles? The last 13 Hawkes Bay posts have been from 3 people !
In a sport that is reputedly the fastest growing sport in the country, that's dismal ! Its little wonder this site is struggling to survive.
It's well known that Hawkes Bay is somewhat of a desert for fishing, and its open and potentially dangerous, but surely that indicates a need to collaborate. For a while some years ago this did happen,and it wasn't unusual to see up to 10 people on the water in one place .
Last sunday, I rocked out to to the outside green bouey of the shipping channel, and using mussels I had gleaned off the bouey itself I managed to catch 3 snapper, none of them legal ,with the biggest being only 25 cm. All hooked on 5/0 hooks so lip hooked and easy to release, untouched for the most part! Also in the mix were a half dozen large ( 35cm) Jack mackerel. Keepers in my book . i like smoked mackerel , and various other mackerel dishes. Oily fish with a high Omega 3 count ,its good for you, and if it's all you get then at least it justifies going fishing. Catch & cook is my motto.
On the way back home I stopped to chat to another kayak fisherman who wasn't doing any better than me but who turned out to be a dude I biked to school with probably about 40 years ago!
So theres the inquiry, and the trip report, do you sad individuals really need a scalding? Nah , not really , just get in your yak , and tell us about it , go on,however bored you might be ! and if you aren't going out , put your kayak up for sale. I know a couple of people who are looking for good deals, and have asked me whats around.
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