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Since I have paid for my membership, one trip has been organised and this is nearly six months ago, so can someone please explain to me exactly what my membership pays for
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What you on about mate ?
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What trips have been organised since before Christmas, as no posts on here have been updated and no one has contacted me about any
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Try their FB page :y:
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Hey I'm a member too. Most of there communication is they email have you had any sent since you've signed up? It has been quiet lately We plan trips at the club meetings held at re rapa tavern there can be between 4 to 14 people turn up to a meeting We have had bad luck with weather on most planned trips but there is a couple planned There is a plan to go to papa aroha soon and have a club comp sorry can't remember date 'll need to look it up. we get discount at canoe & kayak waikato and at Xmas the club put on a bbq for its members and prizes put up for comp. We have had guest speakers at meetings too prob time to do another one tho hope this helps
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Hi Typhoon,

Let me know if your not getting e-mails. I sent an e-mail to club members 31 Jan to confirm next club meeting of 13 Feb and then another on 15 Feb to confirm a weekend Coromandel trip for weekend of 3rd March. I had you on both these e-mails so maybe I have your address wrong?? I will pm you with the email address I have for you so let me know if this isn't right.

However your comment is somewhat valid in that there has not been much organised this year which I have been responsible for, however I have probably been less motivated given I was the only one at the last club meeting and there was no interest in the Coromandel weekend, I did a solo trip to Fantail Bay on the 3rd March weekend, fishing was good too!

So I think the club does need to be re-energised. I will confirm a May date for the next club meeting with an agenda focused on the club direction and hopefully you can make this. I will e-mail club members and post on this forum for a May meeting date soon.

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