Flirty moms!

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I tend to look at KFNZ on my phone web browser and I must complain about the quality of advertising. KFNZ has to make money, that's cool, but Flirty moms and worse?! Firstly, I'm offended that Google or whoever think I'm in the demographic that would be interested in Flirty moms and Glamorous grannies, secondly, I'd prefer the quality of solicitation to be of a much higher standard! :)
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Hmmm...I've had no such advertising on my phone. So far I've got Mitsubishi and Harley Davidson advertisements.

Flirty moms and Glamorous grannies isn't so bad. It could've been Tentalising Trannies or Groaning Grandads :tmi: :lol: .
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