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Rough water reel covers that actually work

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:43 pm
by Raptor
Hi Guys.
I recently discovered a reel cover that is brilliant on those really nasty days so thought I would share.
Have tried a few different ones over the years and they were either too hard to get on and off or simply didn't actually stop those big ones drowning the reels so were useless.

I really hate to say this (and please don't crucify me for it), but on this one the jetski boys actually got it right.

They have a cover designed to protect against high speed spray which is basically a tough canvas bag (fits almost all reels, spin or overhead) with a strip of velcro to close it right around the reel and the rod and another fold over velcro flap that also goes around again for extra security. It also has D rings on the cover to attach a leash.
If you have a softbait or jig attached and hooked to a keeper near the reel it will also cover those as well with the added benefit of stopping them banging around and damaging the rod or coming loose and hitting you in the back of the head as you go over a wave or do a surf landing.

They are called Ultimate Reel Covers and are made for and sold by a crowd in Auckland
Their web site is: ... protection

Its a small home based business and the guy who runs it (Andrew Hill) is very friendly and helpful.