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Sun Apr 24, 2016 9:26 am

Hi Guys, thought it would be about time I write a small review about the new Reload me and a mate of mine picked up a couple of weeks ago. Ill be comparing it to my previous Ocean Kayak 4.1 Ultra. I was torn between the bigger OK 4.3 Trident and the Reload. I took a chance and went down the Viking route for a change.

Weight: Realistically, I think the weight between the 2 is minor, I think the Reload is better balanced so when picking up the kayak onto the roof is easier for me. Paddling this will take some time to getting used to, this is longer and slightly wider. On the water this makes only a small difference.

Speed: as a fisho like you all we aren't here to break speed records. I would say they are about the same possibly the reload is faster being longer.

Manoeuvrability: even with such a good rudder system, this is definitely harder to turn, which isn't a bad thing it'll take some time to getting used to.

Stability: definitely a big positive from me, this thing is stable as it gets. I had my 5 year old with me with the kid pod and she could stand up with no dramas in about 10 knots of wind. To have my little ask to go fishing with me and enjoy it was a big selling point for me so top points here!!

Storage: the Reload literally has so much stoarge its amazing. If your the type of person who likes to take everything with you when fishing, this is the one for you. The tacklepod is genius. Rod holder locations are perfect. The front 2 are great for straylining (angled outwards correctly) and the rear ones are great for trolling, my elbows never hit the rods anymore while paddling. The chill pod is handy too.

Electronics: I havent rigged my electronics yet, the lowrance is still in its box. I really enjoy my early morning or late night fishing so fishing in the dark is where youll find me. I have come up with some really good ideas using the tacklepod, led strip lighting for night fishing.

Overall my personal rating.

Ocean Kayak Ultra 4.1 6/10 (perfect entry kayak for fishing)
Viking Reload 9/10 (if you want something bigger and built for fishing)

Im not an affiliate for Viking, Stephen...thanks for your help and advice when we met you! I think you might like our ideas for our lighting system. PS leash it or lose it. I have lost so many knives over the side its becoming comical.

Cant wait to see this hull design and storage layout evolve over time. :rock:

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