Reload vs OK Trident.

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Fri Mar 11, 2016 8:17 pm

Yes I still have a couple of Viking kayaks, both top yaks. The reload seating did not suit me at all. Why ! Well my life style has been different to most, very different. After couple of hours my back would try to take me home. I used to tough it out but after two years I gave in.. Would I buy another reload... Yes in a heart beat, but the seat would have to be changed to the profish 400, for me at least. The reload was brilliant into a (big) head sea, but once onto the beam or following sea for me, it would change, and begin to wallow. What I believe was happening was the rudder did not go far enough into the water so most of the time in big water the yak did what it liked. If you are a bigger person then maybe the yak would sit deeper in the water, but for me it did not.
In no way did I ever have doubts about the ability of the yak to get me home, we travelled some very rough conditions together.
It was just the seating for me ... To Grant, Steven plus all of those associated to the brand of Viking top marks your kayaks and marketing are tops and there would be very few who honestly could Diss them. My Profish 400 , absolutely tops guys, Espri tops, both like the reload, great for the job intended.

So I moved on. Having used a few yaks over the years I have settled on one that ticks my boxes.
I had been fishing for 8 hours at the Rob fort meet up in November, when I arrived back at PapaAroha Rob had a couple of yaks on the beach to try out.
I asked to paddle the 4.3 Trident. "No problem " says Rob. Now after 8hours one would not expect a person to do what I did. I paddled across to Rabbit then circumnavigated the Island, I arrived back at Papa 1/12 hours later. Loved the , the seating in the new trident and we just fell together. Tops all round for me at least. Talked with Rob deal done. Sold my reload 'that was hard' we had done some hard yards together. Rob Put Trident together Then I uplifted.. Many thanks Rob / Janet Top Marks.. Have had the Trident now for a few ,months, way better for my back at least.
The rest I shall leave as I could not add any more to the quality of ride, Mad Mike's/ Robs review on this yak sums it up to a T.
Hey Guys I have nor would put down a good yak the reload is just that it's seating just did not suit me !!

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Fri Mar 11, 2016 8:31 pm

Good review.... As the saying goes, different horses for different courses and not one yak will suit everybody !

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Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:28 pm

Viking have just got long rudders for the reload if others are interested [THUMBS UP SIGN]

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