Awesome Fish Finder Cover from Assassin Composites !!

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Sat Jul 12, 2014 11:31 am

Caught up with fellow Forum member "Winch" yesterday during his road trip up to the "big smoke" ;) ;)

Some of you may be aware that Winch also posts on the Forum under his "business name" of Assassin Composites. AC design and make yak and yak fishing accessories.

Some time ago, AC gave us a bit of a preview on a new Fish Finder cover they were looking to develop. After a lot of prototypes and trials, I took delivery of one of the first "full production" units yesterday.

Its a bit too wet and breezey to give it a proper workout and trial today, but it just reeks simplicity and practicality !!

Heres a few pics that show the final product and it set up on my yak in the shed !

As you can see, its a pretty simple idea !
The cover slips over your FF where its held in place by a couple of locating grooves (one each side) and an adjustable strap that "holds" the FF from underneath.
Here it is in place on the yak.......
As you can see it will give great "shade" protection as well as helping prevent screen / unit splashes. :y: :y:

The back provides good protection from the water and can be "custom cut" to suit the electrical connections pertaining to your own FF model.
My unit is a Lowrance Elite 5 (so 5" screen") and I understand that this unit will other common 5" models such as Hummingbird .

If you're after one, drop Winch or Assassin Composites a PM here on the Forum !

From my discussions with Winch he has some other great ideas that he wants to develop and I for one look forward to seeing them come to fruition ! :rock: :rock:
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