How close is too close to fish with your mates?

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How close is too close to fish with your mates?

Poll ended at Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:35 pm

Doesn't bother me
Casting distance
Stay away
I only fish alone
Total votes: 44
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We often go out together fishing in groups but when fishing with others how much space do you like?

1. It doesn't bother me, I'm happy for people to bump into me or even tie up next to me.
2. Casting distance apart say 30-50 metres
3. Stay away from my damn burley trail (50+ Metres)
4. I only fish alone
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Not too keen on crowds... A :^)
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I enjoy the company of others, and certainly dont mind a mate coming up close for a chat and to compare notes, but I wouldnt want to have someone on "my keel" all day !!
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awondering wrote:Not too keen on crowds... A :^)
hahaha!!! At least you're consistent mate :y:

me - no probs... tie up next to me if ya want but if you go for a cuddle Ill kick ya in the goolies :lol:

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I enjoy the company of others.... and I dont mind people fishing right next to me AS LONG as they are casting in a different direction to me
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I like to fish socially but prefer casting distance apart. Nothing worse than getting your lines crossed, especially if it's a descent fish and an avoidable threat.
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If fishing a little deeper then im not too fussed to be honest, like others have said I quite like to be able to have a chat, but yea cast in oposite directions.
If im in close to the rocks I like to have my space.
Dont know why, but in the wash I like to have the freedom to move quickly if needed, and not haver to worry about other peoples lines ect.

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Depends who your mates are.

I have a stretchy permanently on my kayak for rafting up with my son NJay, or (as on Saturday) with Sev and bushkid2 from the forum.

We have all fished with each other landbased and boat-based many times before, so don't have a problem. But with other mates we don't know so depends....
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It's great to be close enough to be social, but I don't like getting lines tangled. I'm often using much lighter gear than my "Mates", and all they seem to do when THEY cut ME off is laugh :o :lol:

There's even one non-forum member I fish with (Shamus knows who :lol: - and it isn't Shamus either :rofl: ) who can set his drogue up-wind, down-wind, portside, or starboard from you, and withing 5 minutes you'll be fending him off. No matter where he anchors he'll end up drifting right on top of you. I seem to remember a certain "Shameless" yelling emphatically: "If you drop that drogue there I'll board ya and sh*gg ya!!". I nearly fell off my yak I laughed so hard :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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I don't mind others fishing in my burley trail i.e. sitting beside me casting into it, or flicking the odd soft bait into, however if you are anchored in my burley trail you may get hog tied and towed behind my kayak for a couple of k's until you are far enough out of Dodge, where you'll be left without your kayak and your boots, cause that's how we treat rustlers in the Naki :lol:

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Nakiman........We call that foreplay up here!!!!! :*

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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Casting distance for me or right up close. Mainly because anywhere in between might end up with one of my unco casts hurting someone. Have to be prepared to be a bit considerate if a decent fish gets hooked though. I find it reassuring wash fishing to have someone close by just in case.
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depends are they catching good fish?????? as a learner yakker im slowly learning the ways....... aye shamus... :lol: ;)

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Ah yes Big Blue.... and if you had followed me through the surf you may well have kept all your fish and dignity instead of leaving them both in the water :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: oops :x
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She's a BIG ocean , I'm with Nakiman ,no need to piss in each others pockets.
Oh Hainesy if they were on your keel then you should be thankful because that means you are upside down and they are there to rescue you :lol:
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I'm somewhere around the first 3. I like fishing with people and will sit close when it's quiet. One the fish start biting though, I like my space and if its really hot, most than just a cast away.

NEVER sit IN a mans berely trail though, or right in his casting arc
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One advantage in being a smelly old coot with unsavoury habits and strong opinions is that people seldom WANT to come within a 100m of me so its a non issue really...
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I tend to be a social fisher and dont mind having a newbie sitting around so I can help them out if need be. Most of the guys I fish with have vhf now anyway so it generally tends to be at least casting range away and communication is done via vhf.
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I guess if everyone in the group is close it is like a wall of terror for the fish so they wont get past the baits.....
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I've been the newbie and taken out the newbie on a tether. Nice people have also let me share their anchor when bait and burlying. But.....each time the tether has been 3-4 m long and courtesy suggests that you then also cast in different directions......
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