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Covid 19 Level 3 Announcement

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 5:57 pm
by Hainesy
Hi all, with the recent announcements today around how a move to Level 3 will look under the current Covid19 restrictions, there is already a “ground swell” occurring as to whether or not kayak fishing will be permitted.
Is a kayak deemed to be a boat ?.... Is a kayak a surf board ? Can I fish 300m off the beach?.... Can I fish 2 kms off the beach because I wear a life jacket ?
Well.... to cut out all the conjecture and guess work, I have just sent an email to MBIE on behalf of all KFNZ members asking these questions!
Hopefully I’ll get a reply for us before we enter Level 3 so let’s all take a breath and wait for the official reply !
As soon as I get the response I’ll post it here !