New Boat Taking On Water

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So... 3rd trip out with my new boat and I took my younger son (13yo) with me this time.

It was low tide when we launched at Kawakawa Bay and my son was holding the boat in the shallow water while I parked the car. Got back to the boat and it had quite a bit of water in it. I assumed it must have taken on water because of the steep angle off the trailer launching at low tide and I clearly remembered putting in the bung when preparing the boat before going down the ramp, so that wasn't it.

I had a little plastic container that I keep my lures in, so used that to start bailing out water. After a few minutes I started thinking we must have a hole cause it can't take that long to get the water out, but my son said he can see the water level dropping by some mark at the back (he'd say anything to ensure we go fishing, even if it means sinking!!). So I started watching the same mark, which only convinced me that the water level was NOT dropping.

I heard some guys laughing pretty loudly by the boat ramp after one of them said something, but we'll assume they weren't laughing at me!

Now convinced that I was not going to win with the bailing efforts, I stuck my hand under the water at the back of the boat, but it only confirmed that the bung was securely in place. Then it dawned on me that there's a second bung on the inside of the boat!!! Closed that and all of a sudden I could see the water level drop with every scoop I took.
It's one thing forgetting to close the bungs, but a completely different level of concern when you forget that you have a second bung after you've already made that mistake just 2 weeks prior!

Good day out though, son got 6 keepers and I got 5 - all between 35 and 45cm
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I used to clip the bungs onto the ignition key as a reminder.

Bung on the inside of the hull sounds an odd configuration, unless it's some sort of venturi? I know too well that feeling of bailing without progress after being out in my mates boat when the transom separated from the hull - Ahhh fun days of youth.
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amazing how much water can slip through those small holes aye
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Thankfully you noticed before you left!
My boat has 6 bungs (not all of which I actually open), so I have to go through and check them all before launching. Water moves through them damn quick
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What about writing a Check-list on the hull somewhere?
etc. etc.
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