Rustic Bath/Soaking tub.

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Yet another project that I have been messing about with recently...

My Wee Wifey spent some time in Japan, quite a few years ago and has always wanted a Japanese Soaking Tub... she didn't want a spa pool (cost of heating/chemicals/pool security etc) and so I've cobbled together something along the lines of a Rustic bath that also meets her desires. :inlove:

Wood fired heating proved to be the easiest to provide, my Father in law used an old chip heater to warm nutrient in a glasshouse... it was donated to us when my in-laws retired to Timaru and has been sitting in our back yard ever since.


I bought an old hot water cylinder with wet-back pipes (180 l) and connected it to the Chip heater with car radiator hoses (Ford Falcon!) allowing for a drop in height between the two.


Several hours of burning Old man pine gave me more that enough heat...


The Hot water cylinder is filled with a garden hose, from the bottom... I have put a nylex garden hose connector at the base that the hose clips onto. The Nylex connector has a stop (non return valve) so the water stays in the cylinder when the hose is disconnected.

The top of the cylinder remains open to the air, so pressure cannot build up in the cylinder... when I want the hot water to flow, I just connect the garden hose to the bottom and turn on the tap, which pushes the hot water out of the top of the cylinder... and into the bath.


The bath was a $1.00 Trade Me purchase... at 1.8 metres long and 1.0 metres wide, it easily accommodates 2. The timber was the most expensive part, dressed pine for the surround and standard decking. The decking is hinged... 1.) get it off the ground, so it won't rot so quickly 2.) act as a security/privacy screen.

anyway... the sun is going down and my lady is giving me the hard word to get off the PC and fill her bath for her...
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