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Just saw RailBlaza tweeting about one of their new products which looks like it could be pretty handy for those of us trying to run extra electronics, cameras, lights etc on the yak. The E Series 12VDC StarPort:
http://www.railblaza.com/products/e-ser ... lioID=2535" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


They have a USB version too but the rating on it suggests it's best for inside a nice dry cabin...
http://www.railblaza.com/products/e-ser ... lioID=2535" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Has anyone given one a try yet?
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Picked up one of these 12v e-series starports yesterday, looking to use it to mount and connect a solar panel up front on the reload, so there will be no need to carry additional batteries when heading away on camping trips.

I figure with a 12ah battery and a 1amp solar panel with charge controller, I should be able to run the Elite 7Hdi and a wired vhf for up to 10 hrs a day without running the system flat at any stage (dependant on efficiency of the solar panel).

Will hopefully get a chance to start rigging it all up this weekend
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Be interesting to see midterm if there is any corrosion issues... nice idea though :y:
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^^ Wondered the same thing TBH, seeing how most people look after the fishing gear this will potentially need far more cleaning... Keep us updated please Mr Harris because the concept is good.
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Clever. Better than having separate power and mounting sockets for a pole light or similar.

Corrosion could be manageable if the metals are good and a bit of maintenance is done.
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MikeAqua wrote:...Corrosion could be manageable if the metals are good and a bit of maintenance is done.
DeoxIT is an excellent protectant and cleaner. I use it to clean electronics used in diving rebreathers. Not cheap but worth it.

http://store.caig.com/s.nl/sc.2/category.292/.f" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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