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Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 3:11 pm
by SitDown
Went out of Laingholm this morning (8:30) in the thick fog, looking for a new spot x for winter Gurnard fishing, never caught any in the yak

Tried the shallows in the bay (Titirangi side) before the channel, lots of splashes around, not much current, little bites turning into very small kahawai which were returned, ended with with one keeper Kahawai
Paddled over to no2 in the channel, really heavy fog, could hear boats, a passing trawler, dogs barking & people talking & other different other sounds but seeing none of it, very unusual feeling of being alone out there
Fog burnt off around 11, kept another kahawai then paddled back in just before lunch

Re: Manukau

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 12:51 pm
by matwould
I've fished the Manukau Harbour a reasonable amount in the past 5-10 years, but always from my dads 6m tinny - never kayak fished it (I've always been warned about those huge currents so thought a powered boat would be safer, although I think I'd feel comfortable fishing parts of it in my kayak now).

I've found the snapper usually leave the harbour around Easter, or a week or two after, and usually come back in again in December - although I don't usually start fishing it for snapper until January so they could come in earlier than Dec, I don't know. Kahawai are year round, and obviously loads of gurnard in winter. I keep hearing reports of people getting decent kingfish too but I've not caught one yet. Closest was when I put a live jack mack down in 6m of water and the clicker started peeling so I started winding only to bring a bloody greedy Shag to the surface who was trying to steal my bait! Thankfully he only had it in his beak and not down his gullet yet.

Were you fishing softbaits or deadbaits or something else? I've only ever used dead bait in the Manukau Harbour - mainly grey mullet that we catch ourselves (it really is a great bait). I'm generally anchored and straylining in 2 metres to 8 metres of water though. Might try some softbaits at some stage next summer too. And maybe I should try some sliders or something in that 10m+ range in the middle of a channel.

I'm always keen to learn more if you've had good or bad fishing experiences in this gem of a place.

Re: Manukau

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 8:39 pm
by SitDown
The Manukau is a short drive from my place & I want to explore it a bit more as Ive heard of some good fishing year round if you can get on to them, obviously info from boat owners
Most fisher folk I have met talk up about big tide flows heavy sinkers & patchy fishing
I have paddled out from Cornwallis, Mill bay & Laingholm, just fishing close to the channel on an incoming tide, all on dropper rigs with bait, mostly cubes of pillies tied on, sinkers quarter ounce to 2oz, mostly up to 1oz, just havent got on to them yet, just a feed
Met a local kayaker on the water at Laingholm, he said, should have been here a few weeks back, bag limits of snaps in 1.5hrs 35-50 at no2 marker

From what I can see, the muddy looking locations at low tide are almost identical to where I fish the muddy shallows around Pt Chev, which has been consistently good fishing (to me)
So, I am guessing the shallow Manukau muddy to be the same, just need to show up when the fish do
Its all trial & error till I get on to the gurnard, but that's how it is when sussing out any new grounds

Re: Manukau

Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 9:17 pm
by matwould
The snapper fishing I've had in summer in the Manukau has been great. Hot bites and good fish in the 30-50cm range you mention above. A few times in the summer just been we had our limit in under a couple of hours in shallow water. Small sinker (half ounce) on a single hook strayline rig with mullet bait, last half of outgoing tide.

We always catch gurnard in winter (when we try, which is bugger all) but only a few, never a large amount when we've been targetting them which is a pain. Think I have locations wrong on that one so need to trial that a bit more.