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Wed Feb 22, 2012 12:33 pm

Hi guys,

I've been lurking on the forum for some time but a few weeks ago took the plunge and bought a Mango Flame 4.3 and all the required bits to go with it. I've been out at Makara and in the harbour a few times so far with only undersized fishing success but have spent most of my time getting used to my gear and locations rather than any serious fishing.

I've taken the road less travelled with my fishing gear and have an Emmrod Rugged Flew casting rod with the 50lb twin tip paired with a Shimano Citica and then just a pair of hand lines for soaking a bait or two. I'm struggling mostly with finding structure to fish on but a Lowrance Elite 4 DSI is on order and due to arrive mid-march once they come into stock which i hope will solve that problem.


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Wed Feb 22, 2012 12:47 pm

welcome aboard :y: Emmrod Rugged Flew you say... we had one on demo over at Cuvier - first cast it fell to bits if I recall. Which kinda went against the claim to be as good as any traditional rod? Boys had some fun with it though... :lol:

Out of interest - would love some feedback about the rod and how it performs. Does is wreck your wrist or is it an user friendly unit?


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Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:16 pm

Oops that was meant to be 'Rugged Flex' not Flew but never mind." onclick=";return false;
Certainly no problems about construction quality although it's still pricey for a bit of cork and steel.

It will never replace a 6 foot rod if you require any serious jigging action but I don't see it having any problems in reeling in a sizable fish and I can cast 20 plus meters in the Kayak with it without any over exertion. I like the fact the fish is right by the side of the yak when you reel it in without having to have the rod in the air, just reel grab the trace and you're done.

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Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:30 pm

Without knowing too much about the emmrods, i say ditch the car aerial and hand lines and get yourself an entry level softbait rod and reel, and a 8-12 kg rod for your cirtica. Will be much better in the long run and your catch rate and user-friendlyness will go up significantly.

I fish most weeks, and usually will post on here my plan. Would like some company cause normally I go out by myself
(not ideal).

Welcome to the forums!

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Wed Feb 22, 2012 2:06 pm

welcome to the forum :y:
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