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Sat Jun 27, 2020 9:54 pm

im posting this in case anyone is considering a small lever drag reel for their kayak

i went back and forth between the SEiGLER SGN and the Accurate BV300 for months - things like the Talica 8 are much bigger

the Accurate BV300 (10oz) and the SGN (11oz) are a similar weight size and specification, with the Accurate having the obvious benefit of the twin drag system which i was very keen on

from asking around though it is clear that a lever drag used on a kayak needs to be taken apart regularly and cleaned and greased if it is going to last

at this point my decision was made for me as the Seigler is very easy to take apart (3 hex screws) and once apart there are very few parts inside to deal with:

additionally there is no local support for Seigler in new zealand as far as i am aware so i wanted a reel i could easily and confidently maintain myself

i purchased it direct from Seigler's website and it arrived from Virginia Beach to Auckland in about a week on UPS couriers and under the new GST rules it sails through as it sits under the NZD1000 limit and Siegler won't sell more than circa NZD65000 worth of product into new zealand which is the threshold for them having to register for NZ GST and collect it from an NZ customer when buying on their website

i am happy with the reel but their lack of attention to detail on the cosmetic finish of the reel is a bit disappointing - i would much prefer they put the price up by USD50-100 and took a little more care in the finish

overall i am happy with my purchase and would buy another, but if you are expecting Shimano levels of cosmetic finish this isnt the reel for you; the images below show the reel fresh out of the box with 20lb Tasline freshly spooled on it so all the marks and rashes are 'factory'
IMG_4015.jpeg (62.53 KiB) Viewed 200 times
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Viking Reload (2019)

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Sun Jun 28, 2020 12:25 pm

Looks a nice compact reel. Will be interested to hear how it lasts.

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