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Cheap all-round rod and reel combo options.

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:42 pm
by kingiFiddler
Am looking to start using two rods in the yak, thus on the hunt for another.
It'll be used for everything but fast jigging. So, trawling, livebaiting, straylining, slow-jigging. It might stay mainly as a livebait set-up for chasing hoodlums.

Spinning rod/reel.
Would like to be pushing something rated to about 15kgs. I see quite a few in the 8-12kg range.

Pre-approved finance maxes out at $100, so options are limited.

Seen a few used combos on trademe. Not much jumped out at me at Marine Deals. Stumbled upon this heavy-action Penn rod and reel combo at Save Barn: ... ption=true

The price is very right, but I can't find any info on this rod. Maybe it's a SaveBarn exclusive offering. Does anyone know where i can find more info on it please? Is it in any way related /same as the spinfisher penn model rod?

Just trying to get a handle on what it's rated to, will the guides handle braid, etc.

There is this option on Marine Deals: ... 8-12kg-1pc

But I'm not so sure about that reel.

Alternatively, what do your good selves recommend from my possibly too wishful need for a good but sub-$100 combo please?

Thanks all.

*edit* I've found someone with one of those Save Barn Spinmaster rod&reel combos and took a look at theirs. I'm really liking the rod. Looks to be soft enough at the tip for subtle softbaiting, yet it stiffens up heaps fairly early and feels like it'll handle more than the 10kgs it's rated to. I forgot to check the guides but I do recall he had mono on his reel.

The reel I'm not sure about. Has good capacity. Overall, if the guides can handle braid I think it's darn good value.

*editing again* The guides are ceramic, the combo has been discontinued, some stores are out of 'em already, and I've ordered one. If the reel isn't terrible, it's quite a deal. Have been keeping an eye on trademe for a good used combo but not much has popped up so this Spinmaster combo it is.

Re: Cheap all-round rod and reel combo options.

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 10:52 am
by kingiFiddler
Quick update:

Got that Penn Spinmaster combo from Save Barn. Have been spoiled by the service that Marine Deals offer and was frustrated by how long it took to get the order from Save Barn. From the time I ordered from Save Barn online, I ordered twice from Marine Deals, two days apart, and both Marine Deals orders arrived before Save Barn's.

Tried to get some info out of Penn distributors Pure Fishing about the reel and haven't heard anything back, after a week. :(
Maybe I'm asking too much, hoping the distributor gets back to me with an IPL and full specs for a cheapy reel ? I wanted to see what the drag is rated to, where the water ingress points would likely be, and if there'd be any merit in upgrading the drag if possible. I'll throw some water in a container and work out what the drag can handle and what the rod looks like under that load, but had hoped to not have to take the reel apart to learn more than that about it.