Best softbaiting braid

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Hi All

Am looking for recommendations for the best value for money soft baiting braid, mainly just for snapper. Looking at a 600m spool of 15-20lb ... multicolored or solid fluorescent colour, which is better? ... and from where can I get it?

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If you're targeting snaps then 20lb will be more than enough. Multicolour is handy so you have an idea of depth/how much line you've got out. You'll be better off getting 2x300m lots as the next length is often 1000-3000m.
Keep an eye out at Marine Deals, they usually have some good specials and you can pick most things up for a great price when they're on sale. I tend to use Daiwa J-braid or Shimano Kairiki as affordable options on my softbait setups and haven't had any issues, just make sure you're checking the end of your line after each session and keeping your knots fresh.
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Suffix 832 and Berkeley Powerpro Super 8 are good, reliable lines. Shimano Kairiki SX8 is the next level up in terms of strength vs diameter. Daiwa J-Braid lost me my first marlin, so I will never buy it again. A low diameter is good because it casts further and has less resistance in the water (meaning lighter jig heads). I use 10lb or 15lb braid for softbaiting over sand/mud.
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