Kayak Drowning report

To discuss safety issues and their direct affects on kayaks and kayak fishing. Do it but do it safely!
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Hairy Little Dwarf
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Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:51 pm

Phoenix Hornet - Specialty Assault Craft

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Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:55 pm

Not good at all but same old thing No PFD

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Kiwi K
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Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:08 pm

Sad story and in the end its a reminder that the sea is a strict mistress and not so forgiving when she has made her mind up. ;(

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Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:54 pm

Hate to say it: And will probably be removed but what a pair of :swear: wits!!!!!!!!!! They really were asking for the worst possible outcome.

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Kingfish killer
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Wed Apr 11, 2012 5:17 pm

Very sad indeed .... if only basic safty measures were adheared to !

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Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:41 pm

That is so sad. I could not imagine going out with out a pfd, vhf and checking the weather conditions.

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YakFisho Snapps
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Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:46 pm

same old story never leave hm without ya pfd...

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Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:45 pm

Man this is so sad, i definatly want to yak with someone experianced a few times before i go on my own.
But it goes to show a life jacket and some means of communication would probly saved them.

Paul in NZ
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Fri Oct 12, 2012 7:30 am

This incident was discussed here when it happened - very sad but people make mistakes....

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Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:31 pm

Very sad indeed.

For me, even the idea of being "further than I can swim easily" from shore makes me nervous, I couldn't even imagine leaving for Ward Island without a PFD :S
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Jamie D
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Fri Oct 12, 2012 7:46 pm

I just posted the link to this article on my local forum to be honest as a point proving exercise to all the know it alls who stated having a tether attaching you to the kayak was a dumb idea in a thread about this very issue.

God dam know it alls.

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