Simple Sounder Install

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Tue Jul 16, 2019 8:34 pm

Swapping the sounder from one kayak to another gave me the opportunity to simplify it, work out some annoying kinks and basically do a better job of it.

I know there's a ton of info about this on here already but there's a couple of things that could help others wanting to do a simple, cheap, thru-hull install. The battery system I'm running is also a bit different from what I've seen on here.

The kayak is unbranded and most definitely a Chinese import, but I'm sure a similar install would work with other makes and models. The sounder is a Lowrance Hook (3 or 4, can't remember!)


First up, transducer mount. I went for much less Selleys All Clear than the last install to try and get it as hard up against the bottom of the hull as possible. Only one way to find out if it works better but the last one did OK. I figure with less silicone it will be easier to re-do should I need to. The foam is to stop my collapsed trolley from sliding back into the transducer when on the water.
I salvaged a piece of polystyrene to wedge a shelf in the top of the hull as a place to store the coiled transducer cable. It seems like it will hold. I made the decision on the fly so we'll have to see I guess!
Next up was to drill a hole for the power and transducer cables to come up out of the hull. There's pretty much only one place to mount the sounder on this kayak so that's where it went.
I added one of those plastic "U" shaped mounts above the exit hole as a place for the cables to pivot when I attach them to the sounder. I didn't want them pivoting on the exit hole as I couldn't use a cable gland...
The plugs on the end of the transducer and power cables are really wide and would require a hefty cable gland for each to even fit through, so I opted for a cable cover that would allow for both cables and to use some silicone. I didn't have any leaking issues with silicone on the last install, so figure it would be OK this time. I also wanted it to fit under the mount for the sounder so that everything was in one place.
I wanted a bit of an extra seal on the underside of the exit hole so I fashioned this out of some closed cell foam rubber, and mounted it up on the inside of the hull with some silicone.
Finished off with the sounder mount and cables attached.

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Tue Jul 16, 2019 8:39 pm

The battery box is something I came up with on the last install. I use a Sistema lunch box to house the battery, which is also inside a zipped-up carry bag complete with fuse. This way the terminals are really well protected and the whole thing is protected from any water that may come in. I drilled a hole in the box and have the wires coming out through a cable gland and then a connector attached so I can remove it easily after each use. In order to protect the connectors from both the battery and to the sounder from water/moisture, I have each one housed in a sealable plastic honey tub. One connector is fed through the lid of one tub, and the other connector is fed through the bottom of another tub. This way, after connecting them, I can seal them up inside the tub. When I remove the battery box, I can use the two remaining pieces of honey tub to seal each connector independently. It's worked really well for me and the connectors are still in good shape after a couple of years with no corrosion.
I cut the shape of the box out of some more of that foam and mounted it under the seat on the bottom of the hull with some silicone. I can put the battery box in through the hatch by the seat and it doesn't move around inside the hull.
I've found the information on this website immensely helpful so hopefully, there's something in here that someone finds useful also.

Happy fishing everyone.

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Fri Jul 19, 2019 8:51 am

Dude, that is gold!

Great use of the honey pots!

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Sun Jul 21, 2019 1:26 pm

Thanks mate. Seems to work pretty well :)

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