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Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:27 pm


I've searched here and elsewhere and have resorted to asking your help.

I have an old, low ceilinged garage concrete that is running out of space.
I have a P400 and two ocean scramblers that need a more efficient storage solution.

My thoughts so far are to make a wooden rack to store the kayaks on
This will be set on castors so I can move it.
Securing a rack to the wall is not possible for many reasons

Two ideas so far

The first is to make an approximately 2.5 x 1.24 metre rectangular base and have a vertical structure bolted to one side of the 2.5 metre length This will be braced. 4x2 wood used here.
Then to have 2 or 3 ~ 60 degree angled arms coming out from the vertical rack where the kayaks will lie.
The P400 to sit on the lower rack and either both scramblers on the top rack if using only one rack or one scrambler per rack if using two racks
The lower of the racks will be start high enough off the base with enough clearance to allow storgae of the chillpod, centre pod and other crap
Seen from a side angle, this would be L shaped with arms coming off the vertical part of the L

Making it stable enough/Low enough centre of gravity to not topple over is my concern

The second is to have a rectangular base that has both scramblers stacked edge down on the bottom section and held in place by two 1 metre uprights that are joined at the top with horizontal framing and the P400 would be placed on top of this section keel down.
Seen from the side this would roughly be a square/rectangle box shape.
This doesnt allow storage for the chillpod etc

I am pretty crap at cutting and nailing but figure I can get this done.
I need help understanding
A: the best way to store the kayaks to avoid deforming them and B: If the L shaped solution is the chosen solution, are the above measurements enough to avoid it being top heavy?


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Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:43 am

The first thing I would do is look at what the shops use with the likes of Burnsco, H&F etc. They have the mobile stands they wheel out every morning which sounds like what you are after. Maybe a little modification so all your gear can fit on it too (Paddle, vest, rods etc on a lower platform. Ask the shop owners where they got theirs from

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Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:52 am

I would go with the option that allow storage of the pods as well. Then you can wheel the whole lot around as required.

A little tip if you need to cut holes to suit you pods (originally suggested by a member of this forum). Takes about 15 minutes per pod.

Get an old deck of cards and tape these together around the edge of the pod, just below the widest point.
Overlap the cards as required and tape at the over lap with two small pieces.
Vary the overlap to follow the pod's shape as closely as possible (for tight curves you can use the short side of the cards).
Do this all the way around until you have ring of cards. Add tape to make it stable.

Now Transfer your card ring to the plywood or whatever and draw around the inside of the ring with a thick marker

Cut around the inside of the line. Voila - you have the perfect cut out for your pod.
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