Kayak with Fishfinder transport

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Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:15 pm

Right, with the impending installation of my fish finder (god knows I need one (skunked the last two times I have been out)) I was thinking about what to do with it when transporting my yak... Do you guys pretty much dismantle your setup when transporting your yak? ie remove the display and battery? Or do you leave it on? Fish finder models with those gimbal type brackets look like they would get in the way while those low profile eagle and humminbird brackets look more pratical... What are your guys thoughts?

I think I will need to dismantle my setup as I generally transport my yak upside down on my roof racks...

Also a guy at work offered me a through hull transducer the other day... What do people think about these? The thought of drilling that hole just makes me shudder.... :shock:

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Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:57 pm

I drilled the tiny hole, and remove the battery (about 1.5kg) and the head unit each transport.

Get yourself an IP66 cable gland from your local Mastertrade, drill your own tiny hole and never look back :D

)Holes above the waterline are no stress - it's the ones below or near the waterline that make you sweat :shock:
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